Architect, professor at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb. He graduated in 1974 from the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture and became a full professor at his alma mater’s Department of Design in 2000. He served as president of the Society of Architects of Zagreb (1994–1996) and as president of the Croatian Architects’ Association (1999–2003). Since 2008 he has been an associate member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He is a member of several professional committees and commissions and was the president of the graduate committee at the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture from 2012 to 2021. In 2018 he received his professional doctorate in fine arts, while in 2019 he was awarded the honorary title of professor emeritus. In 2020 he won the Ars Summa Universitatis Award for the promotion of artistic disciplines and professions.

Fabijanić is professionally active in the field of town planning, architecture, interior design, and television and theatre set design. He has authored a number of exhibitions and books. For his designs and built works, he has won numerous professional national and international awards. Among them, of note are the yearly prize of the Zagreb Salon (1983, 1988, 1991, 1992) and the Grand Prix of the 32nd Zagreb Salon (1997); the Viktor Kovačić Prize (1986, 1994), and the Bernardo Bernardi Prize (1993, 2009, 2014), both given by the Croatian Architects’ Association; and the Vladimir Nazor National Award (1993, 2011). He also received the International Piranesi Award (1995); the Croatian Theatre Award for stage design (1998); the Ljubo Babić Prize (1999); the Marble Architectural Award (2006); Jadrankamen’s ‘Stone in Architecture‘ Prize (2005); and the Big See Architecture Award (2020).